Fast Forward to “The News”

So after being examined, scanned, and having ultrasound every 3 months for 11months, the diagnosis of malignant transformation was relatively clear. Each time I was seen, the lesion got a little thicker. At 11 months, it had nearly tripled in thickness.  I had also been experiencing increasing flickers or flashing in the upper portion of my right eye’s vision. At 15 months, in December 2016, the flashes/flickering was occurring closer to the center of my vision.  Apparently this is an additional sign that the lesion is active. When Dr. Fry told me she thought it was transforming into cancer, and … Continue reading Fast Forward to “The News”

First Visit with Retinal Specialist

A retinal specialist examined me in September, 2015. At this point, I should point out that I am an active duty member in the U.S. armed forces and am very fortunate to have medical care provided. If the military cannot provide the treatment, we are referred to the appropriate provider in the private sector. The retinal specialist photographed the nevus and performed some scans that examined its surface and size. When he suspected that there may be growth in thickness, which is indicative of malignant transformation, he referred me to a civilian ophthalmologist who specializes in eye cancer and had … Continue reading First Visit with Retinal Specialist