That was my thought when my ophthalmologist turned to me and said “This is undergoing malignant transformation.” I had a choroidal melanoma in my right eye. I knew it was a possibility in future years, but for it to be diagnosed just 14 months after the nevus (mole) was discovered caught me off guard.

The ophthalmologist told me to start considering treatment options and to select the one I was most comfortable with.  When I went to the internet to familiarize myself with them in greater detail (she did a great job of explaining them in the office, too), I discovered very little first hand experiences described on the internet.  The few I found were very helpful which is why I’ve decided to try to chronicle my experiences in this blog. Hopefully someone else will find it helpful as they start their journey in dealing with ocular melanoma.

As these posts progress, I will provide accounts of my experiences throughout the process of diagnosis, arranging treatment, receiving treatment, and follow up.  The way “eye” see it, the more information we can share about this relatively rare disease, the better.


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